Pauline Oliveros
Crone Music
Lovely Music, Ltd.
2019 Repress
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1The Fool's Circle
2A Woman Sees How the World Goes With No Eyes
3Reason In Madness Mixed
4This Great Fool's Stage
5Let It Be So
6Let Me Be Not Mad
7Lear On the Road

Originally released in 1990. Commissioned by Mabou Mines, the experimental theater group from New York, for their interpretation of King Lear, Pauline Oliveros's Crone Music is a subtle and haunting electronic music endeavor. Interfacing an abundance of digital delay processors, reverb effects, and foot pedals to bend pitches from piercing to twisted, sonorous tones, with her one-of-a-kind expanded accordion, Oliveros produces rich, eerie textures.

Personnel: Pauline Oliveros - solo accordion; Panaiotis - processing and mixing.