Anunaku & DJ Plead
AD 93
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1Wheele 5:29
2Clap Clap 7:07
3Haze 6:57

London based label AD 93, (formerly known as Whities), release another disc of big style metropolitan drum and bass with Anunaku and DJ Plead’s 032. Melbourne-native DJ Plead teams up with UK producer Anunaku bring an off-kilter balearic mood to the 12”, soaking the crispy DnB beat of ‘Clap Clap’ with continental handclaps and a melody line the recalls something you might hear on a Nyege Nyege Tapes release. ‘Wheele’ and ‘Haze’ both draw from a similar place, finding its rhythm restless bongo hits and snaking leads, equating to an electrified pre-techno kind of ritual music.