Farida Amadou / Liz Kosack / Dag Magnus Narvesen
Pattern Dissection
Includes Instant Download
Cardboard sleeve, A6 insert
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1Watt 8:04
2Ohm 11:28
3Joule 2:38
4Volt 4:36
5Hertz 4:43
6Ampere 8:47

"Circuit" is a recorded document of improvised music and the inaugural release on Pattern Dissection — an independent record label, radio show and concert organiser from Berlin. Dag Magnus’s down-tuned drum set builds the ground for relentless legwork and hectic wrestling, shaking the floor when confronted with Farida’s high string slaps on the bass guitar, which they occasionally swap for droning vibrations and scorching fingerpicking, neither shying away from a heavy riff nor stripped back momentum. Liz’s synth is an idiosyncratic creature of its own, birthing sounds rarely graspable but utterly fascinating, swift in taking turns and always one step ahead of any expectation.

Recorded on July 28th 2020 in Berlin at their second meeting as a band, that was initiated by a live gig six months earlier. All music was improvised and performed in a room with six microphones.

Mixed by Christoph Berg & mastered by Stephan Mathieu. Lacquer cut by Mike Grinser. Pressed at Pallas on 140g vinyl, wrapped in a 350g reverse-printed cardboard sleeve with A6 photo-card inside, including a download code. Artwork by Talita Santos & design by Espacioblanco. Photography by Stefan Lingg.