Scheich in China
Scheich in China III
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2Scheich A2
3Scheich A3
4Scheich B1

New album of ferric, monotone, fizzing electronics, slowed down Bunker Techno and heavily atmospheric field recordings unearthed and compiled by Golden Püdel’s impeccable selector Nina (veteran of mixes for the likes of Blackest Ever Black’s Krokodilo Tapes and Berceuse Heroique) and Tobias Duffner’s VIS label.

Scheich in China make exactly the kind of stuff you’d hope to hear during one of Nina’s far- reaching but focussed DJ sets and comes from another one of the club’s elusive and extended possee, someone who alongside their nocturnal activities spends their time beekeeping.

Their self-titled LP bluntly stakes out malefic intent to hypnotise thru narcotic effect and textural attrition with a wickedly stubborn, unflinching style and greyscale, atonal palette that’s deeply entrenched in a bunker mindset.

On the A-side they lash us into a trio of ever-decreasing drone techno circles primed for the grungiest DJs and clubs that crave a bit of murk on the ‘floor, but the record’s biggest attraction in undoubtedly the B-side’s 18 minute tract of treated and re-wired field recordings, all processed with a cold, hollow, metallic finish that make us feel like some invisible entity haunting the Hamburg docks and Reeperbahn at 6am.

If you fell in love with Alessandro Cortini’s impeccable run of releases over the last few years, this one’s a must.