Heaven's Club
Here There And Nowhere
Profound Lore Records
PFL 229 LP / Includes Download Code
Incl. insert, clear vinyl
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1Mnemonic 3:10
2Dreamboat 4:11
3Alone In Dresden 3:23
4Great Greif 3:28
5Here There and Nowhere 3:19
6Godiva 4:21
7The Frail 3:27
8Mother 3:37
9Strange Times 3:08

Formed in Oakland, CA, HEAVEN’S CLUB began as the project of Shiv Mehra during downtime while off tour with his band Deafheaven. It then expanded to include Deafheaven drummer Dan Tracy, Nadia Kury, Chris Natividad, Ross Peacock and Luis Mayorga. Finding ground in introspective lyricism and progressive, ethereal sonics, HEAVEN’S CLUB achieves a careful balance between punching urgency and distant atmosphere. Lush and dreamy synth-driven shoegaze pop that captures the vibe and feeling of classic labels such as 4AD, Creation, and Kranky.

Recorded at Santo Studios in Oakland, CA, Heaven’s Club producer and engineer Andrew Oswald acts as a seventh member and brings rich texture and nuance to Mehra’s vision.

Of the project, Mehra says: “Heaven’s Club is the fog of memory and insubstantial fantasy. The songs reside in the liminal space between love and the end of suffering. They reach toward an ambiguous desire for peace - a deeply felt longing.”