Los Angeles
One-sided, black label pressing, 150 copies only
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1Rotating Blue Device 4:02
2Los Angeles 6:19

Peder Mannerfelt & Pär Grindvik push the Aasthma envelope looser, faster, and stranger on a second limited edition 12”, featuring one cut of blistered power ambient, plus a sidewinding cybernetic techno twyster - properly f*cked & deadly dancefloor gear highly recommended if you're into T++, Ugandan Methods,...

A strong new addition to both artists’ oeuvres, the 2nd Aasthma 12” follows the same formula as the first, and again finding a smart balance of immediate rawness and classy sound design, but this time slightly altering the parameters to more reckless and experimental appeal.

The smoky ambient blush of ’Rotating Blue Device’ unfurls a fine mesh of gauzy mid-ground and prickly surface disturbances to bend the mind’s eye and presumably sound steeply psychedelic in altered states, which finely sets the tone for ‘Los Angeles’, where they spar with thorny techno drums and surges of bass voltage in a roving, undulating, crisp but distorted mass that will swill the club out something rotten.