Luar Domatrix
Nova Vida Passada
Domestic Exile
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1Ponte Pedestre
2Sense of Style
5Mil Busy Babies
6Ana Towers
8I_ll Fly With You

Domestic Exile return with the debut LP by Portuguese artist Luar Domatrix. LD has previously operated as 1/2 of Lisbon duo Yong Yong, reworked traditional Portuguese workers songs for Discrepant and released other solo material on Sucata Tapes, 12th Isle and Offshore Drilling Limited. This record comprises of 8 tracks recorded between Lisbon and Glasgow.

The album, ‘Nova Vida Passada’, which in Portuguese means ‘New Past Life’, is based on 90’s & 00's R&B and pop culture. NVP explores the way in which songs can be intimate and lavish but as the same time, anonymous, enigmatic & metaphysical. How the morals of music change and reflect the ethics & desires of a generation. What does the ‘90s’ feel like? Music videos with icy brick walls, pagers, moral dilemnas and cyborg feelings. Pop music playing loud in a sci-fi club in the distant future.