Special Interest
The Passion Of...
Night School
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1Drama 0:42
2Disco III 2:28
3Don't Kiss Me In Public 2:39
4All Tomorrow's Carry 3:56
5A Depravity Such As This 3:39
6Homogenized Milk 1:58
7Passion 1:17
8Head 2:37
9Tina 1:00
10Street Pulse Beat 4:30
11With Love 3:55

Special Interest have returned with their sophomore LP. A dual release from Night School (EU) and Thrilling Living (US). The Passion Of... combines elements of glam rock and no wave pushed through a mangled filter of contemporary electronic forms. Special Interest present a precise and deranged vision of punk, an apocalyptic celebration, a step forward into a perverse and uncertain landscape.