Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra
Luaka Bop
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1Promises (Movement 1) (Movement 1)
2Promises (Movement 2) (Movement 2)
3Promises (Movement 3) (Movement 3)
4Promises (Movement 4) (Movement 4)
5Promises (Movement 5) (Movement 5)
6Promises (Movement 6) (Movement 6)
7Promises (Movement 7) (Movement 7)
8Promises (Movement 8) (Movement 8)
9Promises (Movement 9) (Movement 9)

Five years in the making, Promises, the new album from experimental British artist Floating Points and 80-year-old saxophone titan Pharoah Sanders, is a swirl of electronic, jazz, and classical music that balances deliberate composition and spontaneous improvisation in equal measure. Consisting of a single 46-minute track, the record is a work of pure feeling, revealing itself patiently over the course of nine movements fueled by subtle shifts in tone and texture.

As a producer, Shepherd doesn’t shy away from empty space here, and both he and Sanders react to each other in real time to deliver living, breathing performances that whisper more often than they shout. The result is a record unlike anything else in either artist’s catalog, a dreamy, hypnotic mirage of an album that beckons you closer until it’s swallowed you whole.

The collaboration was initiated by Luaka Bop in 2015, following the release of Floating Points’ debut album, Elaenia. 'Promises' will be released worldwide on March 26, 2021.