Tudo Faz Sentido (Brasingles Vol. 4)
Optimo Music
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1Tudo Faz Sentido
2Tudo Faz Sentido (Suba Extended Remix)

Wrapping up the Summer season for Selva Discos comes the fourth installment of the Brasingles series. This time, the label presents a slow burner from singer-songwriter Taciana Barros, taken from her only solo album "Janela dos Sonhos" (1995), produced by the mighty Mitar Subotic aka Suba.

Taciana is known for his work as singer of the band Gang 90 e as Absurdettes – one of the milestones for the Brazilian rock/new wave scene in the 80s – and her personal involvement with Suba in the early 90s led to the recording of "Janela dos Sonhos", originally released on CD and K7. The Serbian producer also contributed with a unique "extended remix" of "Tudo Faz Sentido" – and those who are slightly familiar with the Brazilian music industry knows how rare it is to have such kind of remix on an official release.

The original song is already catchy, seductive and quite polished as the best songs from that 1995 vintage are, but the Suba remix manages to take it to another level and then further, extending its mysterious atmosphere and intensifying the sexiness that lays underneath it all the way until it reaches the awesome breakdown – and then bringing the song back to a greater effect. It truly is an exquisite track that combines the excellence of Suba's production skills and Taciana's voice and songwriting talent that surely will hold the listener on repeat.

As most of the Brasingles releases, this is a loud 12" single with the original song on the A side and a rework on the B side, to please both the DJ and the home listener.