Canadian Rifles
Eastern Nurseries
Expanded Edition
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11Red Flares Ignite at Europe's Borders 5:10
2Sniper's Nest 3:11
3It's Still Storming For Me 3:41
4All My Life I've Been a Star 2:44
5Eastern Nurseries 5:23
21Of Course I Still Love You 5:57
2Geranium 4:04
3All My Life I've Been a Star (Dino Spiluttini Remix)4:13
4Of Course I Still Love You 4:32

Since it's inception in 2019, the Porto based Eastern Nurseries label has released a string of noteworthy titles, yet the first two outings by Canadian Rifles, the solo moniker of label founder Rui P. Andrade, remain defining pillars in the labels discography. These first two releases, Canadian Rifles ‘Eastern Nurseries’ album and the follow up single ‘Of Course I Still Love You / Geranium’ sprawl with acute emotive clangour and venerable opulence, their soundscapes conjuring visions of windswept cities, blemished technology and inherent tenderness. Now these works have been carefully reassembled on one expanded reissue, remastered by Daniele Antezza of Dadub mastering and featuring two new remixes by Dino Spiluttini and Burning Pyre.