Nosdam + Rayon
From Nowhere to North
Morr Music
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45rpm, incl. printed inner sleeve, edition of 500 copies
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1Odd Nosdam + Rayon – From Nowhere to North 4:32
2Odd Nosdam + Rayon – Desert 3:39
3Odd Nosdam + Rayon – Bow and Arrow 3:29
4Odd Nosdam + Rayon – Colours / Heavy Load 10:13

Long-time musical pen pals and partners David Madson (aka Odd Nosdam) and Markus Acher (aka Rayon) re-establish the connection between Weilheim, Germany and Berkeley, California for the first time since 2011, when US alt hip-hop innovators Themselves and German indie electrifiers The Notwist teamed up to form 13 & God. Nosdam & Rayon return with a heavy-hitting collaborative EP “From Nowhere to North”.

Based on a shared love for “obscure albums and 60s/70s melancholy psychedelia,” they started working remotely in 2017, ultimately deciding to release four collaborative tracks that feature Madson’s beats, samples, and production, with Acher adding vocals, guitars, more samples, and various instrumental layers.

Psychedelic pop melodies sail over steady beats on the opener “From Nowhere to North” – a track that perfectly sets the tone for the whole EP. Elsewhere, fuzzy lights over the “Desert” and more reassuring beatscapes serve as compass to stay the course, while “Bow and Arrow” feels fairly mesmerizing: fast-moving layers, moving up and down, floating over the Atlantic, northward bound. Closing out the EP is “Colours / Heavy Load”, an epic 10-minute finale: after the raw and gritty lo-fi acoustic intro, the first part comes with a grainy guitar tune that soon leads to a vast plateau; once up there, things feel surprisingly serene and soothing – like the last warm rays of October light slowly fading as we move further north.

Both huge fans of Bristol’s late 90s DIY/post-rock scene (e.g. Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Third Eye Foundation, Movietone), Odd Nosdam & Rayon are happy to present their new EP with an artwork created by Movietone’s Kate Wright.