Shari Vari
Malka Tuti
Malka Tuti LP 007
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1Out Of Order
2Dance Alone
3New York City
8Not a Perfect Day

Shari Vari, is a Hamburg based duo comprising of Sophia Kennedy and Helena Ratka. Sophia Kennedy's name might ring a bell to “professional” and unprofessional audience: The Baltimore born and Hamburg bred luminary released her self titled debut record to quite some critical acclaim on DJ Koze's Pampa Records in 2017, a record that was voted amongst the 20 best electronic records of that year by Pitchfork. Shari Vari are everything you didn’t know you were missing in your life. Their lyrics are fresh, funny and “out-there”, their melodies are catchy and their rhythms are groovy as hell. Their debut LP on Malka Tuti titled NOW is a collection of 8 songs, groovy, gloomy, cheerful and contemplative, mixed all together in mish-mash of genres and influences. Whether they are echoing Suicide’s Alan Vega in songs such as Out of Order or Dance Alone, or telling a story laid over an almost exotic dubby beat in Jungle, their debut album throws the listener back to the days when having all the music in the world in the palm of your hand was a dis- tant dream, and one would simply listen over and over again to their favorite cd on their Sony (or Panasonic?) Disc player until every note and every word in the lyrics is etched to their memory...