Laszlo Umbreit
Pas de Regrets
Sub Rosa
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1Jardins 8:03
2Sevry 2:59
3Rhode (digital only) 8:47
4Aout 5:16
5Tipping Point 7:02
6Old Demons 6:29
7Trebucher 6:33

Laszlo Umbreit's album Pas de Regrets combines electronic sounds with recorded memories and various materials to create a unique listening experience. The album features complex soundscapes and techniques of layering and editing, drawing on Umbreit's experience as a sound designer for films. Pas de Regrets is an immersive and rich listening experience, with a narrative quality that places it between prospective electronics and experimental radio.

Laszlo Umbreit (*1986) is a Belgian sound designer and musician based in Brussels. Laszlo's work is anchored in sound research yet usually dialogues with the moving image, whether as present or absent. His musical practice mixes improvisation on electronic instruments, field recordings and a long meticulous editing and mixing process of sonic materials.