Tim Hecker
Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again
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1Music For Tundra (Part 1)5:13
2Music For Tundra (Part 2)1:57
3Music For Tundra (Part 3)0:39
4Arctic Lover's Rock (Part 1)5:35
5Arctic Lover's Rock (Part 2)0:56
6The Work Of Art In The Age Of Cultural Overproduction 7:35
7October (Part 1)3:35
8October (Part 2)1:09
9Ghost Writing (Part 1)4:29
10Ghost Writing (Part 2)1:20
11City In Flames (Part 1)2:58
12City In Flames (Part 2)2:47
13City In Flames (Part 3)0:55
14Borderlines (Part 1)4:56
15Borderlines (Part 2)0:22
16Boreal Kiss (Part 1)3:28
17Boreal Kiss (Part 2)0:33
18Boreal Kiss (Part 3)1:59
19Night Flight To Your Heart (Part 1)2:28
20Night Flight To Your Heart (Part 2)1:03

Re-issue of Tim Hecker’s classic 2001 debut full length release (Alien8 Recordings at that time). The original recordings were remixed by Tim Hecker and mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.

“Haunt Me is alien, amorphous and occasionally noisy, but always welcoming.” —Pitchfork

“Hecker was already on a different wavelength with Haunt Me, clearly seeking something that would trigger ASMR-induced enlightenment, and he ran with it.” —Stereogum