Molr Drammaz
Times Before Emojis Came
Lullabies For Insomniacs
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LFI 014
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1monologi 3:50
2alaRM and innaheartshot 2:14
3Motr Dr Mgta tga _ Fog Falses 2:36
4Molrkawaipanwampir 6:59
5Krew _ Blood 2:54
6taniec z kraju motr 0:19
7darini daroni 2:35
8Ingelo(U) Io 4:15
9Fulguryty 2:34
10Stct 1:05
11herslullaby _ kolysanka 1:13
12Kot / Cat 4:04
13piosenka zamiast trawy 5:22

LFI welcomes Polish -newsoundpioneers- MOLR DRAMMAZ (/more/) to the family. ‘Times Before Emojis Came’ is the first volume in an undefinable series compiled from the vaults of the collective of musicians and performance artists. Led by sisters Wojt3k Kucharczyk and Asia Bronislawska the group have brought their electrifying energy to stages around the world. Their recordings showcase their playful world, melding styles and symptoms together, expressing the unsure and the absurd in a hearty manner.