Foam and Sand
Full Circle
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 150 copies, risograph printed artwork
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1Circle 2 2:16
2Circle 12 2:47
3Circle 23 2:40
4Circle 26 2:38
5Circle 18 2:48
6Circle 8 3:12
7Circle 25 2:04
8Circle 21 (feat. Circadian Delays)2:51
9Circle 20 3:15
10Circle 13 2:46
11Circle 27 (feat. Delhia de France)3:04
12Circle 24 4:58
13Circle 9 2:38
14Circle 19 3:00
15Circle 16 3:27
16Circle 7 3:04

Foam and Sand is the ambient soundscape and visual project of award-winning composer and conceptual artist, Robot Koch. Inspired by the composer’s daily habit of meditation, ideas for the project started to take shape during the lockdown of 2020, growing organically under the radar until Foam and Sand was officially announced in 2021. Using tape recordings of slowed-down pianos, modular synths, and other sonic sources, »Full Circle« is a collection of 16 warm and organic ambient tracks. The signature sound is created with loops that magnify the irregularities and imperfections of cassette recordings and that are then shaped by the artist into hazy meditative journeys. Through the process, the grainy subtleties of sound give way to vast and lush atmospheric soundscapes, making audible the complex interplay of micro and macro and highlighting the interconnectedness of these two spheres in life.

“I started meditating 7 years ago. It’s interesting that meditation and medicine have the same root syllable. Meditating before working on my music resets my brain and helps me access ideas that are layers deeper than my conscious mind. Foam and Sand started as a self-soothing project which I now share with the intention of providing healing and inspiration to others.” - Robot Koch