Beatriz Ferreyra
UFO Forest +
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1UFO Forest 14:15
2Vuelo de signos y remolinos 2:54
3Cercles des rondes 10:57
4Vivencias def 11:23

‘UFO Forest +’ is the third and most alchemically satisfying archival anthology of unreleased material from the Argentinian composer, building on a growing recognition of her poetic, psychosonic investigations ongoing since her studies in the early 60’s with Nadia Boulanger and Edgardo Canton, and at the renowned Parisian institute INA-GRM.

In three longform parts and one vignette, she projects hallucinatory designs for the imagination, oscillating from the shearing vortices of the magnificent title piece to the sharp plunge into Amazonian ritual on ‘Vuelo de signos y remolinos’, and out to planes of sci-fi dread, ecstasy and chaos on ‘Cercles des ronde’. Collected, they speak to a unique grasp of unruly dynamics, right on the cusp of natural wildness, and an ability to develop ideas from kernels of sound that blossom into cataclysmic events.

'Cercles Des Rondes' is especially unsettling and surreal; a longer, darker composition, it brings a new level of drama to the anthology, including a deliriously doomed synth fanfare and robotic voices, dissolved into blaring surrealism when Ferreyra starts to add corrupted electro-acoustic elements.

It's a genuinely rare pleasure to inhabit any of Ferreyra’s immersive works, and never more so than on this set, which feels a bit like peering down a telescope fixed on just one tiny sliver of a cosmic multiverse, or like looking at a vast, luminscent tapestry in the dark with a flashlight.