Fred Frith And Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles
Something About This Landscape For Ensemble
Sub Rosa
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1Something about this Landscape For Ensemble 22:56
2Dirty and Light 9:34
3Dark under Stars 9:50

Since his early days with Henry Cow, Fred Frith has been regarded as a brilliant instrumentalist and improviser, but what has been overlooked is that he is also a first-rate composer. This recording offers both aspects. His most complex orchestral composition and two selected improvisations with the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles. Fred Frith, as an infusion of energy and inspiration.

''Something about this Landscape was commissioned by Ars Musica in 2018. I composed the piece during a residency at Lou Harrison's straw-bale house in the desert at Joshua Tree, California. It's an inspiring place for a number of reasons - the silence, the light, the life, the history. The extraordinary diversity of birds during the migration season. Both other pieces are improvisations. The first one is the one we did during the concert (in public), the other one, very different, is the one we did during the dress rehearsal (on the day of the concert).'' - Fred Frith

Musiques Nouvelles is one of the two most successful and diversified contemporary music ensemble in this country with Ictus. With, under the influence of Jean-Paul Dessy, a deeply spiritual and mutual listening aspect. This meeting with the legendary Fred Frith will remain as an important step.