Cursory Asperses
Embossed sleeve
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1Natatorial Swings 7:15
2The Languid Progency of Low-flying Birds 9:05
3A Soupçon of Self-doubt in a Pannus Cloud 5:46
4Superannuated Blinks of a Otherwise Forgotten Pond 6:16
5The Peregrine Birders of Phantom Forests 6:45
6Laggardly Filling in the Past 8:38
7The Impotence of Decelerated Self-importance 4:56
8Epigone Bygones 9:18

As Celer, Will Long and Danielle Baquet laid out a framework for extended exercises in ambience, texture and atmosphere. Their work, much of which was initially circulated through collectors, traders and fanatics, went on to become a blueprint for an approach to sound that was equal parts patient, generous and drifting. »Cursory Asperses« collects a unique set of shorter form works that typify the pairs interested in warmth and subtle density. Recorded between 2007 and 2008, it captures a culminate step - an introduction to minute detail, revolved ideas, and fragile structural ideas. A truly unique offering that soaks deeply into their variations in sound.