Larsen & Alessandro Sciaraffa
Golden Leaf
Important Records
Digipak with metallic gold ink, edition of 300 copies
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1Golden Leaf, Edit 1 23:36
2Golden Leaf, Edit 2 23:22

“Golden Leaf” is the 19th album by the italian experimental band Larsen here exploring free form sounds and spatial dynamics by real time composing and creating a sonic and social environment. It also confirms the love and interest the band has for collaborations as ongoing dialogues and portals to new paths.

This album documents a four-hour site specific performance by Larsen and Alessandro Sciaraffa featuring interactive sound totems designed by Alessandro Sciaraffa and exclusive food creations by chef Gabriele Gatti. The performance took place at a secret location in Torino (Italy) in 2021 and was meant as an alchemical rite with the audience being an integral part of it. It was recorded and then edited and assembled into two pieces by long time collaborator, sound engineer, solo musician Paul Beauchamp.

Since 1995 Larsen, from Torino Italy, has released 18 full length albums and 4 eps, which got remarkable worldwide press, and performed all over Europe, UK and North America. 
Collaborations with such artists as Johann Johannsson, Michael Gira, Martin Bisi, Lustmord, Deathprod, Nurse With Wound, Z'EV, Baby Dee, Julia Kent, sci-fi icon Christine Schell plus the project- a band in itself- XXL (aka Xiu Xiu + Larsen) also stand out on their record.
In 2008 legendary dub-diva Little Annie (a.k.a. Annie Anxiety Bandez) joined the band as lead singer and lyricist appearing on “La Fever Lit” and “Cool Cruel Mouth” and live on stage on the related tours.

2016 sees the band representing itself as instrumental unit with a new album “Of Grog Vim” (featuring special guest Thor Harris from Swans). A new Larsen EP "Tiles" featuring Annie and a new XXL "Puff O'Gigio" album came out in late 2018. The lates Larsen album "Arrival Vibrate", tribute to their friend Z'EV and featuring a remix by John Duncan, was released in October 2019 on Important Records' Cassauna to which the soundtrack “A Chronicle” to the photo book “Meiwo” by Jacopo Benassi followed as winner of the Witty-Books “Ear-Eye” 2021 award.

Alessandro Sciaraffa (Torino, 1976) studied architecture, electronic music and sound design and specialized at the Karlheinz Stockhausen Foundation For Music in Kurten. He won the ninth edition of Italian Council and is the founder of the experimental music collective WHYOFF. Focusing on sound and its multiple relationships between material, space and time his artistic research expresses itself through performances and the elaboration of installations and sound sculptures.