Various Artists
Martin Hossbach Kassete
Martin Hossbach
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1Dirty Dishes – Johannes Popitz (edit) (edit)
2Ludwig Amadeus Horzon – Me, My Shelf & I (feat Peaches - edit) (feat Peaches - edit)
3Justus Kohncke – Stimmen Im Wind
4Michaela Meise – Der Lachende Junge
5Dark Harbour – Here In The Dark
6FSK – Ein Haufen Scheiss Und Ein Zertrummertes Klavier (edit) (edit)
7Juliana Hodkinson – Ring A Ring
8Tara Nome Doyle – Down With You
9Matthias Strzoda – Ein Altmodischer Tanz
10Dirk Von Lowtzow – I Want A Dog
11On + Brr – In De Desert (Very Strange) (TV version) (TV version)
12Jemek Jemowit – (Das Ist) Jemek Der Hit
13Michaela Melian – Movement 1
14Christian Naujoks – Bonez

These are the last remaining copies of the Martin Hossbach label cassette compilation »Martin Hossbach Kassete« which was distributed for free to everyone attending the label’s sixth anniversary party at Kantine am Berghain on 21 June 2018. Featured are tracks from each of the releases, from 2012 until 2018, with a few edits only available on this release.