Various Artists
Polyphonic Cosmos: Sonic Innovations in Japan (1980-1986)
Cease & Desist
C&D 002
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1World Standard – Baranikyoku (Fellini & Rota)
2Masumi Hara – Your Dream
3Normal Brain – MUSIC
4Hiroyuki Namba – Who Done It? (part 2) (part 2)
5Yasuaki Shimizu – Crow
6Hiroyuki Namba – Tropical Exposition
7Imitation – Exotic Dance
8Pecker – Sha La La
9EP-4 – Db
10Earthling – You Go On Natural
11Masumi Hara – Camera
12Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Rinne Kohkyogaku Meikei
13D-Day – Ki·Ra·I
14Ryuichi Sakamoto – A Wongga Dance Song

Ever since he made his first trip to Japan to DJ, Optimo Music founder JD Twitch has been bewitched by Japanese music, and particularly the vibrant, imaginative, and often far-sighted sounds which emerged from the island nation during the 1980s. Now he’s put years of digging in Japanese record shops to good use on Polyphonic Cosmos, the latest release on his compilation-focused Cease & Desist imprint.

Subtitled »A Beginners Guide to Japan In The ‘80s’« the collection offers a personal selection of Japanese gems recorded and released between 1981 and ’86 – a period when advances in recording and musical technology offered the nation’s artists and producers a whole new tool kit to employ. When combined with the unique musical culture of Japan, where local traditions are frequently fused with Western styles to create timeless, off-kilter aural fusions, this embrace of locally pioneered music technology had spectacular, often unusual results.