Croatian Amor & Varg2TM
Body of Water / Body of Carbon
Posh Isolation
Posh Isolation 202 - 229
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1Shadows Show Violet
2Blue Sand
3The Pearl (I Know You)
412 Oysters On Her Tail
5They Took Turns Lifting One Of Their Own
6Body of Carbon
7God's Face in the Water
8Tell Your Tale to the River
9God's Face in the Fire

“Body of Water” & “Body of Carbon”, two celebrated collaborative recordings by Croatian Amor & Varg2™ available on vinyl for the very first time!

“Body of Water” from 2018 was the first collaboration between Croatian Amor & Varg2™ - 5 tracks of aquatic ambient celebrating the myth of brilliant summers. It was followed in late 2019 by the lean and quick beatdriven “Body of Carbon”. Now they are available together on limited edition vinyl presented in black disco sleeve with printed labels.

Hazmat bouquets drenched in rain. A tiny piece of coral on a chain around neck. An invitation to see the miracle in the things around us. Croatian Amor & Varg2™ together. Contemporary electronic music.

“You can pick all the flowers but you can not stop the Spring”