Mitch Stahlmann
Into The Wish
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1Petrified Cloud 2:56
2Moon Arch 4:11
3Comet Jo 3:57
4Flat Earth 4:08
5Paris 2107 3:04
6Occupied... 0:57
7Mega Mart 3:38
8Real Life Drama 6:15
9Silver Plates Over A Highway 2:33

Mitch Stahlmann's solo debut release Into The Wish is a kaleidoscopic adventure in sound. Resulting from the Oakland-based musician's personal practice of experimenting with ways to process and reintroduce the flute, the music on this record draws inspiration from the instrument's everlasting breath. Paying respect to its archaic history as well as leaving room for more strange, clownish impersonations, Into The Wish is a varied collection of flute-inspired pieces. The album traverses seamlessly between what sounds like ancient, sacred incantations and more playful, chaotic collage pieces where the flute is processed, reprocessed and performed using samplers.

Each piece offers a glimpse into a whole world that could be explored in depth, but Stahlmann's curiosity is ceaseless. The opening “Petrified Cloud” is a gentle piece, a velvety, digital introduction, whereas “Moon Arch” follows with more mystery and tropical drama. “Flat Earth” offers sonic depth and channels Hassell's fourth world music ideas into immersive, winding flute passages. “Paris 2107”, “Mega Mart” or “Real Life Drama”, on the other hand, move largely beyond the sound of the flute, burying it in layers of digital processing and (re)sampling. While extremely diverse, Stahlmann's Into The Wish is a fascinating, colourful exploration of his instrument.