Various Artists
Imaginational Anthem IX - Ryley Walker Presents
Tompkins Square
TSQ 5654 LP
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1Mosses – Om Ah Hung
2Shane Parish – Leicester Hwy
3Eli Winter – Wooden Waltz
4Dida Pelled – Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
5Kendra Amalie – Boat Ride
6Matthew Sage – Camaro Canyon
7Pete Fosco – Variations On Themes For Blind Dogs
8Fire-toolz – World Of Objects (Guitar edit) (Guitar edit)
9Lucas Brode – Knots Where Never Was
10Dave Miller – Seedlings
11Matthew Rolin – I Used To Sing

Tompkins Square label's very first release in 2005 was the acoustic guitar compilation, Imaginational Anthem Volume One. The concept was to showcase new talents alongside first-gen American Primitive guitar legends, a formula that stuck across the first three volumes. Volume Four, released in 2010, featured all contemporary players, giving many folks their first taste of William Tyler, C Joynes, Chris Forsyth and Tyler Ramsey. The label then started farming out curation duties to others: Sam Moss for Volume 5, Chris King for Volume 6 (Origins of American Primitive Guitar), Hayden Pedigo for Volume 7, and Michael Klausman & Brooks Rice for Volume 8 (The Private Press).

Tompkins Square recruited label alum RYLEY WALKER to compile Volume Nine. Given his deep Rolodex and exquisite taste, it's no surprise that this comp is probably the most diverse of the series. Nine of the eleven artists were previously unknown to us, so we get to discover new artists just like our label fans do.

Tracklist: Mosses - Om Ah Hung Shane Parrish - Leicester Hwy Eli Winter - Woodlawn Waltz Dida Pelled - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog Kendra Amalie - Boat Ride Matthew Sage - Camaro Canyon Pete Fosco - Variations on Themes for Blind Dogs Fire-Toolz - World of Objects (Guitar Edit) Lucas Brode - Knots Where Never Was Dave Miller - Seedlings Matthew Rolin - I Used To Sing