C.M. von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla
Travelogue: Nepal
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1CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla – PharLoKora 19:04
2CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla – Anadu 10:50
3CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla – Annapurna 10:35
4CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla – Sagarmatha (Chomolungma) 14:35

Travelogue [Nepal] is the first in a series of collected international audio diaries. The premise is quite simple: the two galavant the globe with field-, EVP- and phone recorders and other devices where they record the essence of everything from the tiniest microcosms of nature on up to the polluted, diesel–fuelled roars of postmodern globalization. What surfaced are soundtracks that act as sonic documentaries of their travels.

Chandra Shukla is a multi-instrumentalist musician specializing in found sound, synthesis, guitars, tablas and sitar with a heavy dose of processing and effects. His main project XAMBUCA appears to be mostly electronic, yet actually includes varying degrees in the aforementioned pedigree of instrumentation. As a solo artist, his goal is to achieve through listening more and playing less.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff is a composer, visual artist and curator that has always hailed from Stockholm, Sweden with recordings dating back to the late 1970s. His main tools are recording devices (camera, tape deck, radar, sonar, evp machines) used in an ongoing investigation of electricity, frequency, architectural space, and paranormal electronic interference. His range of creative integrity knows no bounds while his lists of works in all areas of art continues to lengthen; whether solo, collaborative, installed, curated, live or recorded.

Travelogue (Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Chandra Shukla) is a project with an intended investigation into the present moment: Irrespective of locale, political borders and time elapsing at its slowest whilst documenting happenstance, the accidental and that which is unpredictably serendipitous. Travelogue is truly a sonic travel diary when the handheld recorder was left on where the sun never sets.