DJ Finale
Mille Morceau
Nyege Nyege Tapes
LP (silver)
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1Padodu Basss 30
3Pitschu Debou
4Padou Mixe
6Savoir Vivre
7Touta Touta
9Padou Aass Mixe
10Marche Mixe
11Mille Morceau
13Tututoto Ngroungrou
14Moi Jesais

A member of of the Democratic Republic of Congo's Fulu Miziki band, the long-running eco activist collective forging experimental rhythmic music from repurposed trash, Kinshasa's DJ Finale dives into his country's history to brainstorm a dauntless hybrid dance sound. Kinshasa has long been a hotspot of musical fusion and innovation, and Finale builds on the popular template of soukous, or kwassa kwassa - a sound that developed in the mid-20th century from the rhythms of Cuban rumba and flexible emotionality of jazz.

While soukous was initially performed with traditional instruments, Finale takes a minimal electronic approach, melting familiar rhythms into other Congolese trad-moderne styles like n'dombolo. 'Basss 30' bolts a brittle swinging beat over white noise bursts and acidic synth sounds; 'Pitschu Debou' features Fulu Miziki's Deboul on vocals, and folds soukous guitar riffs into a stark neo-trap frame; 'Tobandi' is raw and industrial, like Muslimgauze but aimed at the late night/early morning club set, with dangerous blasts of whirring electronics and jerky Congolese rhythms.

"Mille Morceau" is a thoughtful mitigation of the Democratic Republic of Congo's past and present. It celebrates Kinshasa's rich history, while remaining proud of an energetic, youthful contemporary scene that's ready to look far beyond the borders.