Pudel Produkte
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1Mizgîn 2:15
2They are so afraid they begin to shake 5:15
3I'll be back soon 5:23
4Another One 4:59
5Being strong is hard 4:14
6Powerful Actors 4:17
7Internationalism 4:36
8Berîtan 7:22

»DNA« is Rosaceae’s second album for Pudel Produkte after last year’s acclaimed »Efia« for the Hamburg label. The eight tracks further explore the artist’s interest in the interplay of sound and language while also adding skittering rhythms and thumping kickdrums to the mix. »DNA« is a complex but enriching album that as a whole not only reflects ideas of resistance, solidarity and internationalism, but also how they are mediated and their meanings are shaped by different types of mediation.

Whether Rosaceae seems to mimic the sound of rapid machine gun fire, indulges in gabber-informed beats or soothing, tinkling ambient sounds: by the end of the album the sonic experience could as much provide solace as it may be understood as an elegy, it has become abundantly clear that even the most straightforward usages of certain musical elements or statements on this album are more complex than they may seem at first. Much like »Efia,« »DNA« poses uneasy questions but provides no easy answers—neither in sound nor in language.