Armonico Hewa
Thrill Jockey
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1Sol 2:21
2Uda Hah 6:31
3Irorun 4:32
4Konjo 1:26
5Ulda 6:25
6Polacca 7:53
7Kipepeo 2:32
8O O I A H 3:13
9Nin Na Yama 2:29
10Hewa Hewa 1:29

Thrill Jockey present Armonico Hewa, OOIOO’s sixth full-length album and first record in over three years! Armonico Hewa continues the rapturous and frenetic celebration of nature that coursed through the veins of their 2006 album TAIGA. Where as TAIGA meant “forest” in Russian and “big river” in Japanese, Armonico Hewa is a combination of words (“armonico” is Spanish and “hewa” is Swahili) that is defined by the band as “air in a harmonious state”. Like the cross-cultural title, Armonico Hewa is a mind-melting combination of stylistic reference points that can only be described as some kind of tribal psychedelia that is oddly spiritual and alarmingly urgent.

OOIOO leader Yoshimi began her music career in 1986 playing drums in UFO or Die with Eye and later joined him in the revolutionary noise-pop experimentalist Boredoms. While the group has featured different musicians in the past, the same all-female four-piece who created TAIGA is once again the driving force behind Armonico Hewa. Longtime OOIOO guitarist Kayan, bassist Aya and drummer Ai join Yoshimi to create one of the most enthralling, adventurous and unique bands in modern music.