Brueder Selke
Go East
One Instrument
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1When Things Fall Apart (Vermona Piano-Strings)20:00
2Nikita's Song (Vermona Sandy)10:00
3Sanseveria (Vermona ET 6-1)20:00
4Kontaktring (Vermona E-Piano)10:00

Brueder Selke, a polyinstrumental composer duo originally from East Berlin, consistently enriches the repertoire of their two primary instruments: cello and piano. Their independent curator role shines through as they frequently host boutique concerts and happenings, featuring both established and emerging artists during their yearly Q3Ambientfest.

'Go East' marks a significant milestone in the long-term collaboration of Brueder Selke, two brothers who grew up on the socialist side of the Berlin Wall. The tracks are driven by the essential components of a restored Piano-Strings machine, along with two electronic organs named Sandy and the ET6-1, and a E-Piano, all manufactured by Vermona in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Their innate sense of interplay, developed during their upbringing in GDR times, stems from a deep-rooted longing for connection and exchange with like-minded musicians and individuals. Through their music, they convey ideas that embrace a universal duality, showcasing how diverse elements harmoniously complement each other. The album encompasses a wide range of atmospheric moods, from intimate classical chamber music to expansive textural landscapes created by these now rarely intact socialist synthesizers, with their parameters mimicking strings and keyboard instruments. In this ironic and thoughtful manner, Sebastian and Daniel once again skilfully let their main instruments, cello and piano, merge into one another.

'Go East' aptly reflects the artist's profoundly experimental yet accessible approach, making it their 8th duo album. The 2x2 recordings were produced in their Klingenthal Studio in Potsdam in February 2022.