Sound of Healing
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1Brace For Impact 6:46
2A New Kind Of Quiet 3:30
3Darwin's Sonata 3:44
4Gunfire Ambient 6:16
5This Light 4:40
6A Better Place 8:52
7Warm Home 9:36
8Politics As Usual 6:56
9Hospital Harpist 6:16
10Despite Our Best Efforts 8:16
11Burden of Truth 10:32
12Surrounded By Loved Ones 5:38
13It's Just As Beautiful Behind Us Too 3:12

»Sounds of Healing« is a pairing of two Spirituals releases, »For Those You Love Who Are Tormented or In Pain Pt. 2« and »Sounds of Healing In Isolation«. Both works offer a glimpse into the way Spirituals creates music therapeutically to confront and process tragedy, grief, and loss. While the work spans multiple distinct composition cycles, the combined collection is a captivating 90 minute journey into deeply intimate reflections– from the delicate acoustic harmonics in »A New Kind Of Quiet« to the ambient stretching electronic tones of »Hospital Harpist«.

This fully remastered special double album cassette contains tracks supported by artists such as Nosaj Thing and Four Tet.