Isabelle Antena
En Cavale
Numero Group
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2LP (silver)
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1Play Back
2Easy Street
3Seaside Weekend
4Ten Minutes
5How Can They Tell
6Be Pop
7Magic Words
8Booby Trap
9Life Is Too Short
10Don't Think About It
11Time to Work

After Belgian electro-samba wunderkinds Antena split at the end of 1985, singer Isabelle Antena immediately shed her cold wave crown for a sophisticated pop princess tiara. On 1986’s Martin Hayles-produced En Cavale, echos of Madonna and city pop abound, with a lipstick stain of L80s Euro dance and spilled cosmopolitan’s worth of bossa nova stirred in for good measure. This elegant second chapter of a French pop diva has been expanded to include Antena’s shelved Island Records demo, adjacent B-sides and rarities, plus an expansive essay and previously unpublished photographs.