Massimo Guantini
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LP (ltd.)
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1Topografie 3:14
2Quorum 3:00
3Sugar's bread 2:41
4Constellation's colours 3:40
5Veline 3:03
6Impianti termonucleari 2:23
7Alta vegetazione 3:08
8Diapositive 3:50
9Stormy session 3:20
10Sviluppo negativo 2:59
11Frilioni 3:56

Beside the telluric year in pop music and culture, 1977 was still ranked as the future for Italian leftfield composers. Published by roman imprint Gemelli and credited to the elusive Massimo Guantini (none else than influential jazz player and composer Sandro Brugnolini), Diapositive is a fully cinematic journey in the realm of sci-fi and cool jazz. Fully produced at famous roman Emmequattro Studios (home of many fascinating recordings by piano player Enrico Pieranunzi) the album is deeply rooted in the coolness of italian libraries, showing up such an incredible music craftsmanship. Fully adorned by a vibrant rhythm section, an acoustic piano, a clavinet, a Fender Rhodes and a proper ‘acid jazz’ guitar-playing, this album will lift your mind and soul for good.

The Label: Loneos translates in passion for music, discovering is the main goal here. The future has been encripted through many releases in the past, the many ways of Loneos will reveal such authentic and exclusive jam, through passion and hard work. Library sound, obscure film score, cosmic folk and underground psychedelic masterpiece will gradually show up in our catalog, radically changing your idea of futuristic and inspirational music. Like Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search (LONEOS) we’re here to deep look into what is around us, being it close or far away, but sure to be discovered.