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Music for kō
Erased Tapes
ERATP140LP / Includes Download Code
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1Hatis Noit – Fernweh
2Masayoshi Fujita – Led by a Blue Bird into the Mountain
3Daniel Thorne – Under Waves, Ascending
4Rival Consoles – Outline of a Distant Memory

Erased Tapes compilation featuring tracks from Hatis Noit, Masayohi Fujita, Rival Consoles and Daniel Thorne.

Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit returns with explorative new single Fernweh as a precursor for an Erased Tapes compilation. Fernweh is a hymn for imaginary travel, allowing the music to take you on a journey. This self-produced piece, sung in a universal wordless language, sees Hatis Noit transcend boundaries through eerie, atmospheric sound explorations. Its German title, meaning a longing for exploring faraway places, captures the artist’s headspace at the time of recording.