Die Orangen
Saft 3
Malka Tuti
Malka Tuti 0029
180g vinyl
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1 Krautback (Full Circle’s Fail We May Sail We Must Remix)
2Zwei (Smagghe & Cross Remix)
3 Orange Munshine (Mungolian Jetset Mix)
4Burnt Bay feat. Eva Geist

For the 3rd instalment of Die Orangen’s Saft series on MT, we have invited dear friends Full Circle once again, this time remix- ing the track Krautback off DUO’s album Zwei Orangen. Joakim & Alexis took a different turn from their proto-no-goa sound, with more than a nod to the late (and sadly missed) mr. Weatherall, and the result is a DUB. Another duo we are huge fans of, Smagghe & Cross, took the song Zwei and reshaped it into a minimalistic psychedelic tonal symphony, echoing the original song's voices and fx. On the B-side, after 3 years of working on it, we have finally brought together again the mighty duo Mungolian Jetset to re- work bits and pieces from the whole LP. Its a midtempo cosmic disco/house banger that keeps on giving. a pure outdoor festival gem... Last but not least, we are releasing as B2, for the first time on Vinyl, Die Orangen's collaboration with artist Eva Geist ( self-re- leased digitally earlier this year by the ginger boys themselves) ..... A perfect collaboration, bringing out the more sunny side of the D.O. duo......