Mein Glas Fabrik
Exotic Percussion / Death TV
Recordings 1979-81
Vinyl On Demand
Ltd. edition of 500 numbered copies, gatefold sleeve
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1Consious / Achromatic
2Population / Semen
3Terminate / Refrigeration
4Terminal / External
5Block / Herauf
6Rhythm / Internal
7Eye / Dienst
8The Fate Of Animals
9So Who Owns Death TV?
10Eye / Thee / Concious
11Thee Stillest Hour
12Babel On Every Hand
13Time / Death / DilutionD
14Silence To Say Goodbye / Faith In Concrete
18Silence to Say Goodbye II
20All Our Files Will Be Monumental (I)
21All Our Files Will Be Monumental (II)
22All Our Files Will Be Monumental (III)
23All Our Files Will Be Monumental (IV)
24All Our Files Will Be Monumental (V)
25Death TV / Rise

In the heart of Sheffield's electronic / industrial music scene of 1979, Peter Bargh and Mark Holmes created the experimental project Mein Glas Fabrik. This VOD release is a combination of their two cassette albums, recorded on simple equipment using tape loops, home made synths, samples, random radio frequencies and a legendary Shergold guitar. Death TV & Exotic Percussion was favourably reviewed in local fanzine "Tigers on the Moor". While influenced by a wide spectrum of musical genres, Mein Glas Fabrik created a fusion of sounds, not adhering to any specific genre...expect the unexpected!