Jards Macalé
Jards Macalé
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1Farinha Do Desprezo
2Vapor Barato : Revendo Amigos (Volto Prá Curtir)
3Mal Secreto
478 Rotações
5Movimento Dos Barcos
6Meu Amor Me Agarra E Geme E Treme E Chora E Mata
7Let's Play That
8Farrapo Humano : A Morte
9Hotel Das Estrelas

Jards Macalé’s biography is a testament to the electrifying energy of music and the unwavering spirit of artistic rebellion. Macalé has remained true to his vision, unapologetically embracing the unconventional and challenging the status quo. His music, a conduit of emotion and a mirror to society, continues to weave a sonic tapestry that resonates with the souls of listeners.

In 2022, Macalé celebrated the momentous 50th anniversary of his debut solo album, a groundbreaking masterpiece released by Philips in 1972. This iconic record gifted us timeless tracks such as »Vapor Barato,« »Mal Secreto,« »Farinha do Desprezo,« »Revendo Amigos,« and »Hotel das Estrelas.« Its sheer brilliance united the realms of Brazilian music, infusing samba and bossa nova with the fiery essence of rock, classical harmonies, and the improvisational spirit of jazz. As the years passed, a new generation of musicians and fans discovered this gem, fueling its resurgent popularity and inspiring fresh collaborations.

Last year, Jards Macalé assembled a formidable new band, igniting stages across Brazil with a tour that now sets its sights on Europe. Together with Gui Held on guitar, the Paulo Emmery on bass, and Thomas Harres on drums, Macalé conjures an exhilarating homage to his illustrious body of work. This live performance embodies the untamed spirit and boundless musical freedom that define this visionary artist, transporting audiences to a realm where the past intertwines with the present in a breathtaking display of artistic prowess.