Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer
Includes Instant Download
3CS Box Set
Edition of 150 copies, cassettes inside risograph printed box
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11Afterwords 13:02
2Undoing 12:21
21Held 14:50
2Fray 12:40
31Overland 13:32
2Foretelling 14:38

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer are back on with their new album »Februarys«. The album consists of 6 long tracks spread over 3 cassettes and is housed in a minimal origami-based boxset which is risoprinted with visual work from Alicia Carrera.

Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer have been collaborating on music for over 10 years after first recording »In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes« (12k, 2011) having never met each other prior to the day they started. Ever since, and at every opportunity they are together, they record. Whether it’s in one of their respective studios, on stage somewhere or in a hotel room on tour, the tape machines are running. For some reason, this often seems to happen in the month of February.

Perhaps it works out to be the time they are most free to travel, or maybe a shared love of snow-covered landscapes, but something draws them together in the winter months to create music together. »Februarys« is a collection of recordings taken over the past few years from these sessions. First started in a hotel room in Iceland and finished in Deupree’s studio in 2021. It is a diary of sorts, collecting these times into a small box of sounds.