Le Millipede
Neue Welt / Lenity
Alien Transistor
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1Neue Welt 3:38
2Lenity 3:14

After the release of his debut album in June 2015, Le Millipede is back with a 7" single with "Neue Welt" and "Lenity".

The newcomer to the A-Z of instruments of Le Millipede is the clarinet. Together with Le Millipede's characteristic percussion, it sets the basic structure of "Neue Welt". Two melodies of piano and bass trumpet join in to a euphoric, dreamy tune, only to be shaken up profoundly - or should we say challenged? - by the second debuting instrument, a ukulele.

Lenity is melancholic and brisk, hymnic and susurrant, heartfelt and effusive, intimate, lush, sad and exuberant, passionate and serene. Or maybe just gentle and playful.