Adrian Lane
I Have Promises to Keep
Preserved Sound
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1As Sand with Salt 3:43
2Vantage Point 4:48
3Similar Latitudes 2:12
4Disembarkation 2:42
5The First for Another Day 4:01
6Rumour on the Wind 3:45
7Some Still Cypress Shade 3:12
8Moonset 4:07
9To Fulfil the Promise 4:30
10We Look for Landmarks 3:37
11For When I Return 4:07
12This is My Proof 4:03
13Close at Hand 3:24
14I Have Promises to Keep 5:19

Inspired by John Cage's prepared piano pieces, all the sounds on Adrian Lane's "I Have Promises to Keep" have been generated in some way by a piano – with some parts being time stretched to create long drones, and others reversed or heavily reverberated. "I put sheets of tin foil inside the piano to give a percussive, almost hi-hat like sound," says Adrian, "and hit the strings with a pen to give an almost hammered dulcimer like sound."

On I Have Promises to Keep, Adrian spontaneously recorded phrases on the piano, before cutting them up and putting them together on the computer. The recording and composing were completed simultaneously. "On a compositional level, each of my albums has a strong sense of melody, while on an emotional level, there’s a sense of calm and melancholy. My work is about layers and how one layer interacts with another."