Heart Hunger
Native Cat Recordings
Gatefold sleeve
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1Backroads 5:14
2Wells 3:11
3Ready to Break 4:35
4Black Diamond Mine 8:28
5Ridges 5:32
6Better Part 4:34
7Miss Marple's Mystery Moon 1:25
8Bluffs 4:37

On their first full-length release, Heart Hunger, Oakland-based Meernaa - Carly Bond (vocals, guitar), Rob Shelton (keys), Doug Stuart (bass), and Andrew Maguire (drums, percussion) - plumbs the depths of indigo waters. Celestial and soulful, Meernaa’s songs manage to remain grounded in the natural world. Native Cat Recordings release their highly-anticipated album. These songs are reckonings; they are revelations of secrets; they are lonesome wanderings. They are portraits of emotional evolution, rich illustrations of painful pasts and hopeful futures. “This record is an ode to all the women that came before me, an acknowledgement of their trauma. It’s me recognizing that and trying to find compassion and the courage to examine the repetition through our history,” Bond says. Heart Hunger is a process album, written in layers, composed in phases.

"A wispy R&B vibe reminiscent of Blood Orange." - Stereogum

"An almost impossibly tight quartet with lush instrumentation somewhere between the blues rock of The War on Drugs' druggier cuts and Madeline Kenney's groovy guitar work." - Paste