Ulrich Schnauss
Far Away Trains Passing By
Scripted Realities
Tri-fold sleeve, incl. 9 bonus tracks
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1Knuddelmaus (2019 remaster)
2Between Us and Them (2019 remaster)
3... Passing By (2019 remaster)
4Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn (2019 remaster)
5Nobody's Home (2019 remaster)
6Molfsee (2019 remaster)
7Brooks Was Here (2019 remaster)
8Sunday Evening in Your Street (2019 remaster)
9Suddenly the Trees Are Giving Way (2019 remaster)
10A Lie For Breakfast (2019 remaster)
11Nothing Happens in June (2019 remaster)
12As If You've Never Been Away (2019 remaster)
13A Million Miles Away (2019 remaster)
14Crazy for You (2019 remaster)
15Wherever You Are (2019 remaster)

'Far Away Trains Passing By' was the 2001 debut album by Ulrich Schnauss, back then released via City Centre Offices, displayed that eras electronica at its most opulent and romantic. 2CD includes the remastered version plus 9 bonus tracks.