Wolfgang Tillmans
Moon in Earthlight
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1celloloop more that connects us
2rain gutter
3fourth floor
4nairobi traffic light
5possibility kardio loop a
7dont kill it by naming it
8Wolfgang TiIlmans – insanely alive
9el condor pasa
10kardio loop b
11cant escape into space
12kardio loop c
13celloloop stronger than this
14Wolfgang TiIlmans – im treppenhaus a
15Wolfgang TiIlmans – late for the webinar
16Wolfgang TiIlmans – kardio loop d
18ocean walk
19give me a shadow

Moon in Earthlight describes the phenomenon one can see in the first few days after a New Moon, when the slim crescent of the moon is completed into a full circle by a faint light that is not lit by sunlight but by the light reflected from Earth. It is also the apt title for the first album from an artist whose first love was astronomy. After 6 EPs over the course of 5 years, Wolfgang Tillmans now releases his first album, a singularly plural 53-minute piece comprised of 19 tracks, establishing new pop and ambient sensibilities.