Toro Y Moi
Boo Boo
4 panel digipak
CAK121LP / Includes Download Code
Gatefold sleeve
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1Mirage 5:10
2No Show 3:15
3Mona Lisa 4:16
4Pavement 2:23
5Don't Try 4:26
6Windows 4:06
7Embarcadero 2:47
8Girl Like You 3:44
9You and I 3:52
10Labyrinth 4:02
11Inside My Head 4:12
12W.I.W.W.T.W. 7:10

“After 7 years of touring and recording, I found myself becoming self conscious about my position in life as a “famous” person, or at least my version of whatever that is. My dreams had become my reality, yet I was somehow unable to accept this new environment. I couldn’t help but fall into what might be described as an identity crisis. A feedback loop of fearful thoughts left me feeling confused. I felt as though I no longer knew what it was that I actually wanted and needed in and out of life, and at times I felt unable to even tell what was real.

During this time of personal turmoil, I turned to music as a form of therapy, and it helped me cope with the pain that I was feeling. I’d listen to the same ambient song over and over again, trying to insulate myself from reality. I fell in love with space again.

By the time I felt ready to begin working on a new record, I knew that this idea of space within music would be something that propelled my new work forward. The artists that were influencing what I was making included everyone from Travis Scott to Daft Punk, Frank Ocean to Oneohtrix Point Never, Kashif and Gigi Masin. I recognized that the common thread between these artists was their attention to a feeling of space, or lack thereof. I decided that I wanted to make a Pop record with these ideas in mind. That idea for a record is what eventually became Boo Boo.”

“[Chaz Bundick is] a prolific artist who never comes off like he’s in a race with his muse.” Pitchfork

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Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chaz Bear (formerly Bundick) has been actively involved in music going back to his early teenage years playing in punk and indie rock bands. Bear unveiled his Toro y Moi guise in 2001, in which he began incorporating electronics and channeling a wider swath of stylistic influences – from indie rock and ‘60s baroque pop to ‘80s R&B, French house, and underground hip-hop – into his own solo music.