Plugpoint Music
Last Chance
Minimal Wave
180g vinyl, incl. insert, edition of 500 copies
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1Maybe it's Love
2Sunny Days Are Holidays
3Lonely is the night
4Forever Wind Forever Water
5Fire on the Street
6In the deepest throat
7Flowers and Women
8Requiem for a lonely soul
9Whatever your need
10Samba transistora
11Sadness in your eyes
12Classical thing

Minimal Wave present the reissue of a rare self-released record by Plugpoint Music called ‘Last Chance’. Plugpoint Music was the minimal synth project of Reiner Ossmann, who recorded the 12 songs on this album in his home studio in Germany in 1987 and released them as an edition of 200 copies. This gem of a record was never properly distributed and so essentially disappeared until it began circulating amongst various collectors during the last 15 years. The sound has been compared to the likes of Mort Garson and Cluster. It’s a true minimal synth classic in all of its eccentricity and lack of self-consciousness. The record has been remastered and is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl as an edition of 500 copies along with a lyric insert sheet.