Various Artists
Freedom Power
Sonor Music Editions
LP (ltd.)
Limited edition of 500 copies
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1Ducros – Sigla RP
2Mirot – Privacy
3Ducros – Dropping 2000
4E Pierannunzi & S Chimenti – Feasing
5S Brugnolini – Reaction
6Ducros – Psyco
7S Brugnolini – Vortice
8Mirot – Privacy
9G Ducros – Freedom Power
10G Ducros – Metropolis Notte
11G Ducros – Trip Free

Outstanding and legendary Italian Library album out of the vaults of Cometa Edizioni Musicali featuring tones of mental Jazz-Funk and Psychedelic beats. The listener is constantly kept by the incredible music that swings between Psychedelic Funk, Esoteric Jazz and Cinematic/Love themes. Tracks like "Love For Sale", "Privacy", "Metropolis Notte" and "Dopping 2000" are simply timeless, with a stunning sound that perfectly plunges in the universe of great 1970s vibes and golden Italian library/film music of the time. Originally issued on Limited Edition serie for collectors, this gem has been repressed on 180gr. wax again with improved sound quality remastering from the original master tapes.