Alexander Tucker
Third Mouth
Thrill Jockey
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1A Dried Seahorse 3:14
2Glass Axe 7:08
3Mullioned View 4:51
4Window Sill 3:25
5Andromeon 3:18
6Amon Hen 1:48
7Third Mouth 2:00
8Sitting in a Bardo Pond 1:55
9Rh 7:09

Using songs written over a 12 month period British avant pop artist Alexander Tucker achieves his own inimitable blend of psych rock and ambient pop using a variety of studio crafted effects, rudimentary beats, guitar and bass, as well as synth and cello drones. He pushes himself even further however as he breaks new ground on the electronics only track “Rh” and heads further out into the deeper reaches of space with the sci-fi influenced cosmic meditation “Andromeon” as well as experimenting with more progressive song structures like those in “The Glass Axe”.

Tucker’s sound has developed over the years since his first self-titled solo album, which featured acoustic finger-picking, experimental electronics and was released on Jackie O Motherfucker’s U-Sound Archives label. He went on to combine compositional song structures, drones, layered vocals and improvisations on his 2005 album Old Fog released on ATP Recordings. This collection of spectral moods, eerie landscapes and fragile emotions was followed by Furrowed Brow (2006) and Portal (2008), where the songs and melodies became more pronounced, whilst infecting the tracks with underlying drone currents, traditional finger-picking, doom riffs and David Crosby inspired harmonies. There was a shift in direction away from improvisation and toward scored pop music for Dorwytch (2011) with its nods to Brian Eno’s Another Green World, while still retaining the organic drones of Cluster and Lichens.

In addition to being a solo artist Tucker continues to collaborate with Daniel Beban in their tape loop project Imbogodom - the pair released their second Thrill Jockey album And They Turned Not When They Went in January 2012. His other bands include Grumbling Fur with members of Guapo and Circle and past collaborative projects include duets with Stephen O’Malley on his Ginnungagap side project and the larger Decomposed Orchestra. Tucker is also a visual artist, creating artwork for all of his album covers and side projects, including ongoing paintings drawings, and comic artwork.