Saturno 3 - Atmósfera 0
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1New Trombone 4:39
2Dürüm 4:03
3Tingle Bells 4:40
4Mr. Waiter 5:02
5Fritolay 2:28
6Suspenser 1:58
7Brakefast 4:46
8Tiburón 3 6:00
9Atsivalatsah 4:34

Salétile return to the Keroxen tenfold with their second long play of 60’s inspired psychedelia and neo shoegaze tunes.

With its members hailing from a particular area of northern Tenerife with its ever present “panza de burro” —a layer of insistent low clouds overcasting the region—, the tone and feel of Salétile’s music had to be naturally clouded and sombre. A periphery sound from the periphery then, a local approach of a popular sound with a calm and serene attitude. While their first album, Humanoides del abismo (Humanoids of the Abyss), evoked an underwater journey, for their second outing Salétile emerge swiftly into the surface to continue their peculiar sound explorations of their precious surroundings, adding different layers of pressurisation. A more pronounced melodic intention is present but without abandoning the care for textures and atmospheres that defined their debut, as well as the use of contemporary techniques such as looping and real-time processing, encompassing influences as diverse and timeless as classical music, 1950s R&B, 1960s pop, hip-hop, dub, 1990s English shoegaze, concrete music, slowcore or math rock.

A loopy pot of sources from a hermetic band that is not afraid of pushing their many influences to the foreground. Emerge!

Salétile are Daniel García, Elsa Mateu and Ruymán García.