Lieven Martens
Three Amazonian Essays
EM Records
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1Music For A Clearing 22:56
2Port of Spain (Lento)5:27
3Sinfonieta Amazonia 13:05

"When a label would approach me with the following question “would you be interested in doing a remix album for this Balearic classic record?”, my answer would normally be, “thanks, but not thanks. I’m very busy these days”.

However when that label is called EM Records, a label that happens to be among my shortlist of best labels in the world historical and now, I think twice about an offer like this. There's many a bunch of great titles in their extensive back catalogue. Like their 2007 CD reissue of The Glass World by the amazing Annea Lockwood, the 2006 CD reissue of Brainwave Music by David Roosenboom, and more recent the singular Music Of Haku LP, or Sugai Ken LP, or Nicolas Collins and Noah Creshevsky releases, etc etc.

And moreover, when the Balearic classic is in fact Finis Africae’s very pretty and odd “Amazonia” record, I say “yes, I’ll do it”.

So it’s here, available as LP, CD and DL. My first (and probably last?) remix album. Or should I say more aptly, a reinterpretation of the Amazonian saga in three parts. Created with outtakes from the original album in dialog with abstractions. A narrative crystalizes from the already present songlines, and sprouts a few new narratives one could read also, or ignore.

Two parts were made with having specific composers in mind. These being Charles Ives, Toru Takemitsu and Joji Yuasa. Ives, well the obsession is real. And the other two since EM Records are based in Japan - thus I deemed it a good moment in my oeuvre to specifically honour (a part of ) their country’s musical legacy. Both Takemitsu and Yuasa do have a clear and direct influence, especially Yuasa for this album, and Takemitsu was a large influence on “Music From The Guardhouse” and “Coral Groups”, two older compositions of mine.

The other track is dedicated to our son Pele Flores Martens Moana, since it’s a pretty and easy-going (in Dutch, “gezapige”) tune that makes him, and us, happy. "

  • Lieven Martens Moana